Art Collection

The fine arts collection held by the University is protected by a separate “all risk” insurance policy. Artwork covered by this policy is scheduled by item. The coverage is subject to a policy deductible.

Artwork that leaves the University for exhibits should be reported to the Office of Risk Management for insurance coverage.

For questions or additional information, please contact Risk Management at (202) 687-6622.


All University owned and leased vehicles are covered by a commercial automobile policy that provides liability protection for University employees or other authorized drivers while operating these vehicles and provides property damage coverage.

Credentialing & Claims History Information

The medical staff offices of other healthcare institutions and medical malpractice insurance carriers request information regarding the insurance coverage and claims history of physicians or other healthcare providers while an employee of Georgetown University. The Office of Risk Management verifies employment and claims history only.

Please fax a written request and a signed Authorization for Release of Information to:
Office of Risk Management
Credentialing Information
(202) 687-5680

Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers liability insurance covers the directors, officers, faculty, and employees of Georgetown University for claims arising from the activities of these individuals in their official capacities at Georgetown.

Coverage encompasses the professional activity of the General Counsel’s Office, all attorneys employed in that office while functioning on behalf of Georgetown University, and professional activity at the Law Center. Faculty and students are also covered against legal malpractice claims.

General Liability

The general liability insurance program provides protection for claims that the University is legally obligated to pay. Coverage is provided through a combination of self-insurance and excess liability policies.

Health Care Professional Liability

The University has a policy that provides professional liability coverage for clinical exposures, including employed research physicians, nursing faculty, nursing students, and medical students.

Laptop Computers & Electronic

Laptop computers and electronic equipment often disappear without any sign of forced entry, and they are most often stolen during a semester break, holiday break, or weekend. Widespread use and ownership of laptop computers and small electronic equipment has brought an accompanying rise in theft. Laptop computers in particular are prime targets for campus theft because they are small and easy to conceal. Perhaps more damaging than the stolen hardware is the loss of sensitive information, which can have a far higher monetary value than the laptop itself.

If your laptop computer or electronic equipment is stolen, immediately contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (202) 687-4343 and request that they take a report. The University is unable to purchase insurance to cover disappearances of property, so there are currently no funds available through the Office of Risk Management to reimburse individuals for laptop and electronics thefts. Information regarding insurance options can be found at the student personal property page.


Georgetown University property and equipment is protected by a property insurance policy. This policy covers property on any campus location owned by Georgetown University. The policy also covers business interruption losses and, on a limited basis, property while in transit. The coverage is subject to a policy deductible on any one loss and the deductible is covered by self-insurance.

Special Events

When third party (outside) individuals, groups or organizations host activities at Georgetown facilities, they are required to provide evidence of General Liability insurance naming Georgetown University as additional insured. If the third party using the facilities does not have a General Liability policy, a Special Event policy may be purchased to cover liability for the event.

The third party may purchase coverage through any insurance agent that they would like to use. If the group does not have an insurance agent, coverage may be purchased online through K&K Insurance.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance that covers work-related injuries arising in the course of employment with the University. It is a statutory benefit in the District of Columbia, and the cost is fully borne by the University. Claims of on-the-job injuries are subject to investigation and approval. Benefits may include payment for medical bills, a percentage of lost wages and vocational rehabilitation. Benefits are paid only as it is determined that the injury or illness is job related.