Property Claims

Georgetown University Property:

Property losses are those losses arising from damage or destruction of University equipment, buildings, or assets. Department personnel must take appropriate steps to protect partially damaged property or equipment from further damage. Department personnel are responsible for providing documentation required by the claims adjuster to establish the extent of any loss or claim.

Property of Faculty, Staff, Students, and Third Parties:

Georgetown University is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property of its employees, students, visitors, or agents. Individuals are responsible for insuring their own property.

Faculty and Staff

  • University faculty and staff who bring personal items to campus or to University sponsored events or trips are bringing those items at their own risk. Georgetown cannot purchase insurance to cover employee personal property and it is necessary that employees cover those items through their personal insurance. Under no condition will the University reimburse employees for personal property brought onto campus or to a campus event or trip.


  • Students are informed annually of the University’s policy regarding their responsibility for personal property insurance coverage. Complete information regarding the policy and how to purchase supplemental personal property insurance is available on the Student Personal Property Insurance web page.
  • All University students living in on campus housing or townhomes should refer to their occupancy agreements and/or handbook if questions arise regarding personal property. Each agreement contains language requiring personal property insurance or an assumption of risk.