Vehicle Use

The Georgetown University Vehicle Operation Policy establishes requirements for the safe operation of University vehicles by students, faculty and staff. The policy applies to all University-owned or leased vehicles, rental vehicles and personal vehicles used in connection with University-related activities.

Driver Authorization

Drivers must be authorized to operate University vehicles. Additionally, drivers must be 18 years of age or older, have held a valid U.S. driver’s license for at least one year, and have acceptable driving records.

Drivers must undergo a motor vehicle record (MVR) check and complete driver training in order to be authorized. The MVR check is an annual requirement for driver authorization. A list of authorized drivers is maintained on the Risk Management website.

Who Must Be Authorized?

  • All faculty, staff & students who drive University vehicles
  • Students using personal or rental vehicles for University-related business
  • Faculty and staff using personal or rental vehicles to transport others for University business outside of the Washington Metropolitan Area (map).

Steps to Getting Authorized

The Driver Authorization Process consists of two requirements, an annual motor vehicle record check and driver training.

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Check

To start the authorization process, please send a request for authorization to and include your full name, email address, University affiliation (i.e. Student or Employee), and the department you will be driving for.

Online Driver Training

In addition to a MVR check, you must also complete an on-line driver safety training course. Instructions for completing this training will be emailed to you from once you initiate the authorization process.

Please contact Anne Jefferson at or 202-687-6622 with any questions.

Fleet Coordinators

Every department that uses University-purchased or -leased vehicles has a designated fleet coordinator. Fleet coordinators are liaisons between Risk Management and department employees, and perform a number of vehicle-related duties. They:

  • Coordinate the driver authorization process for their departments
  • Confirm that applicants are authorized prior to being allowed to drive
  • Maintain a current inventory of University-owned and -leased vehicles, and notify Risk Management of changes
  • Forward titles for University-owned vehicles to Risk Management
  • Develop department-specific procedures when necessary (for example, a key check-out process)
  • Ensure that University-owned and -leased vehicles are maintained in safe operating condition
  • Ensure that vehicle registration, insurance identification cards and an accident report are kept in vehicles
  • Notify Risk Management of the purchase, lease, trade-in, transfer or disposal of a vehicle

View the list of fleet coordinators.

Use of Private Vehicles/Personal Use of GU Vehicles

Use of privately-owned vehicles is generally discouraged for conducting University business. Faculty and staff who transport others in their private vehicles outside the Washington Metropolitan Area (map) must be authorized drivers.

Students must be authorized whenever they use their personal vehicle on University business.

Faculty, staff and students using personal vehicles on University business must carry automobile liability insurance. In the event of an accident, the University’s excess coverage will apply once the vehicle owner policy has been exhausted.

Rental Cars

All students who rent vehicles for University-related business, as well as faculty and staff using rentals to transport others outside of the Washington Metropolitan Area (map), must be authorized.

Drivers should purchase physical damage insurance offered through the rental company. If a driver rents a vehicle with a Georgetown-issued MasterCard ProCard with the driver listed on the ProCard account as the primary cardholder or authorized user, the driver may decline all insurance coverages offered by the rental company.  More information about the Master Rental Insurance program, including coverage, rules and restrictions, is available in the MasterCard Commercial Guide to Benefits.

Individuals or departments renting vehicles in a foreign country for University business should rent the vehicle in the University’s name and purchase insurance offered by the rental company.

15 Passenger Vans, Golf Carts, CDL’s, Towing

15-Passenger Vans: The University prohibits the purchase, rental or use of 15-passenger vans for any University-related activity, due to safety-related issues. A 12-passenger van or a standard mini-van is an acceptable and safer alternative. Travel coordinators should consider using one of the University's approved charter service provders to accommodate travel needs for larger groups. A list of preferred vendors is available on the Financial Affairs website.

Golf Carts: Driver authorization is not required for golf carts, utility vehicles or EzGos. However, drivers of these vehicles must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid drivers license and follow the safety guidelines outlined in the Vehicle Operations Policy.

Towing: Towing a trailer or other item can present a risk. Only authorized University employees may use a University vehicle for towing. Individuals or Departments that drive vehicles or (vehicle/ trailer combinations) with a weight greater than 10,000 lbs are required to comply with federal regulations and maintain a valid medical certificate.

Authorized drivers should review the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s towing safety information before towing a trailer or other item.

Acquisition & Disposition

Risk Management retains titles and insures vehicles for the University. Fleet coordinators must notify Risk Management when a vehicle is purchased or leased, as well as when a vehicle is disposed of, sold or returned to a leasing company.

Fleet Coordinators should inform Risk Management by fax 202-687-5680 or phone 202-687-6622.